Give your customers what they need, when they need it…

It’s one of the first rules of operating and growing a successful business. And now, thanks to marketing automation, it’s easier than ever to achieve.

If you’re new to the world of digital selling, marketing automation might sound nebulous and complicated. I get it. Learning how to leverage technology and adapt to digital transformation can make anyone’s head spin. 

That said, while some marketing automation services are undeniably complex, anyone can use the power of simple marketing automation tools to anticipate and meet their customer’s changing needs — and grow their business with ease. 

Take this simple example: 

Have you ever perused your favourite online retailer’s website, added an item to your cart, then closed your laptop before finalising the purchase? If so, did you later receive an email reminding you about the article waiting in your abandoned shopping cart? 

This is marketing automation. So, too, is receiving a coupon on your birthday or messaging with a chatbot on social media. 

Marketing automation is so prevalent today because, well, it works. So, let’s take a closer look at what marketing automation is and how you can start using it in your business today — no matter the size of your marketing campaign.

What are marketing automation services

Marketing automation is exactly as it sounds: automating your marketing strategies

Okay… but what does that really mean? A quick Google search and you’ll find various definitions (some more convoluted than others), but I like this easy explanation from Neil Patel

Marketing automation is the process of using software and technology to optimise, automate, and measure repetitive online marketing tasks. 

Why perform the same simple tasks over and over when software can do the heavy lifting for you? 

After all, you’re busy trying to run your business. Marketing automation services free up valuable time, so you have more bandwidth for deep work, managing your employees, or simply enjoying the things you love. 

The benefits of implementing a marketing automation system

Business owners and marketing teams love marketing automation systems, but so, too, do your customers. Let’s take a closer look at why. 

Get valuable customer insights

If you don’t embrace agile marketing solutions, you will fall behind the competition. But to effectively implement agile marketing, your team needs data and analytics — real metrics so you can iterate what works and optimise what doesn’t. 

The right marketing automation systems give you valuable optics on your customer’s behaviour, thanks to advanced reporting technology. Get insights into where your customers are on their buyer’s journey, their motivations and purchasing habits, how they interact with your brand, and more. 

Enhance your customer's experience

Your buyers expect relevant, individualised messages — customised marketing that’s crafted specifically to their needs. In fact, 80% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with a company that delivers personalised marketing experiences. 

But no business owner has time to personally communicate with each and every lead when operating at scale. Luckily, you don’t have to. Marketing automation tools make personalised communication easy — without sacrificing the human touch we all crave and expect. 

How to set up a successful marketing automation strategy today

The opportunities for marketing automation services are vast. However, if you’re new to marketing automation, I suggest starting with these two channels:

Email marketing

Whether it’s sending out a welcome autoresponder sequence to new subscribers or segmenting prospects into different lists based on their actions, email automation software helps you connect to your audience more efficiently and effectively. 

You can learn more about how to turn your email database into your most valuable marketing asset here.

Social media marketing

There’s no need to manually publish posts on each individual social media platform. Use content automation to distribute content across key channels, respond to comments and messages, and engage with followers, all from one easy social media marketing automation tool. 

Now, let’s review a simple process so you can get started with B2B marketing automation, right now. 

1. Understand your customer’s changing needs

The success of your marketing automation services depends on how well you understand your customers. You must know how to solve their problems — how to move them further from pain and closer to pleasure. 

Consider your Buyer Personas and your Customer Journey. How do your customer’s pain points and desires continue to evolve? Use this data to ensure your automation is personalised, relevant, and effective.

2. Look for repetitive tasks

Think about the repetitive tasks that you and your marketing team perform on an ongoing basis. For example, do you send a welcome email to all new prospects? Do you reply to social media messages with the same general template? Start by automating these tasks. 

Don’t be afraid to keep your automation simple as you dip your toe into the world of software, AI, and technology. You can continue enhancing your marketing automation systems as you get more familiar with the tools available. 

3. Set up your marketing automation services software

You’ll quickly discover countless automation tools exist. Again, try not to get distracted or overwhelmed by flashy bells and whistles you don’t yet need. Focus on your agile marketing goals and how these platforms can simplify your life. Then, continue to optimise and scale. 

Here are just a few popular marketing funnel automation platforms to help you get started: 

  • HubSpot
  • Marketo
  • ActiveCampaign
  • HootSuite
  • ConvertKit

4. Review the data

Remember, one of the biggest benefits of using B2B marketing automation software is the advanced reporting technology. Use this data to drive more effective marketing decisions so that you can better serve your audience. 

Here’s the truth:

If you want better results in your business, you’ve got to track your metrics. Discover the KPIs for digital marketing you need to know here

5. Stay human

Just because you’re using technology doesn’t mean you need to sound robotic. AI and automation tools will continue to advance in sophistication, yet it will always be the human touch that drives connection and sales. 

So, focus on personalisation and data-driven marketing campaigns — and don’t forget to speak like a human. Your customer-centric messages will create lasting growth and results. 

To sum it up

Marketing automation services give you more control over your time, messaging, and data. Not only are they a valuable resource for you and your marketing team, but they enhance your customer’s experience at each and every touchpoint. 

That said, marketing automation tools are not a magical solution to every marketing woe. You’ve got to intimately understand your customers, then know how to optimise your marketing through strategic data analysis. And sometimes, that means calling in a team of experts with a proven track record for scaling businesses.

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