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Outsourced CMO services for improving your business.

From acquiring more customers to increasing the life-time value of the ones you already have, we’re here to get you next-level returns on your marketing investment.

Half-Day Consult
Fractional CMO
Growth Advisor
With a couple of weeks of prep via email and a 4-hour strategy session, we’ll put together the customer journey and essential next steps for your marketing team.
You’ll get a comprehensive marketing strategy with prioritised campaigns. Your Fractional CMO will work with your team daily to execute the strategy they lay out.
With check-ins every other week, your team will stay on track and campaigns will continually improve.
Don’t lose customers just because they aren’t ready to buy from you immediately. With the right lead generator and email drip campaign, on-the-fence website visitors become high-value buyers.
You can’t manage what you don’t measure, as the saying goes. Streamline your business growth with a well-defined set of KPIs and success metrics specific to your goals.
We conduct a complete exploration and analysis of the marketing environment of your business, assessing everything from goals and strategies to channels and campaigns to identify growth opportunities.
 Heli Kilpala | Azelis

“We hired Bastiaan at Azelis to support us on our digital transformation journey”

The main purpose of his assignment was to provide leadership in our foray into lead generation through digital ad campaigns and driving adoption of our customer portal. He was quick to wrap his head around our relatively complex organisation and product portfolio, and was instrumental in laying the groundwork for our digital marketing strategy and operations, including specialist agency onboarding.
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Schedule a 15-minute call to see if a Fractional CMO is a good fit.
We’ll get on a longer call to deep dive into your needs. Then, we’ll share the steps we recommend with a proposal.
Marketing Transformation
In the first 30 days, you’ll have a comprehensive marketing plan and the leadership to execute it over the rest of the quarter.
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And we’re proud to consistently deliver off-the-charts results unique to each business.
But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the outcomes we’ve achieved for our clients.
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Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
We achieved a 2.5 Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) for a new online US home office furniture retailer by carrying out a digital marketing audit, producing a multi-channel marketing roadmap, and directing the client’s ad agency.
Reduced Cost Per Lead (CPL)
We reduced the average Cost Per Lead (CPL) by 40% for a Silicon Valley-based security business by executing a performance marketing plan and website redesign.
Orders Per Month
We grew orders from 0 to 30k per month for a new European COVID healthcare business by developing and executing a comprehensive marketing strategy focused on buyer journey optimisation, SEO, paid search and paid social.
First Marketing-Qualified Leads
We produced the first Marketing-Qualified Leads (MQLs) for a new business intelligence SaaS product by creating and launching a sales funnel and lead generation campaign using Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads.
Organic Search Traffic Growth
We delivered sales at $200 average order value for a new travel startup while growing organic search traffic by 7x and building an engaged audience of over 60k across Instagram, Facebook, and email.
Michele Don Durbin | Evernote

“One of Bas's greatest gifts is to quickly grok customers, brand and goals”

His approach both allowed us to test and learn, and to scale when we discovered the right alignment between goals and ROI. His work gave us confidence that paid ads could become an important component to our marketing strategies, helping us expand beyond his successful series of pilots on Google and Facebook. Without his solid recommendations, backed up by data and insights, we might still be fumbling with testing and small-scale campaigns.

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Lead Magnet
You’ve been growing your business and seeing excellent results when suddenly, your marketing hits a wall. Your ROI stagnates. Your paid ads no longer produce the same results.
If this sounds like your business, know you’re not alone. With the right marketing adjustments, it is possible to get over this performance plateau and continue to grow.