If you want to build your business, build a community around your brand. Facebook groups marketing is a brilliant place to start. 

You already know the competition is fierce. It’s never been easier to start a business. We’re all drowning in marketing messages (to the tune of 2000 sales interruptions a day.) And, the truth is, anyone can recreate your product or service and decide to call it theirs. 

Do you know what your competitors can’t copy? What cuts through the noise to create a lasting impact? 

Your relationship with your customers. 

Create a thriving community around your brand, and you’ll turn one-off buyers into life-long fans — and gain a competitive edge, too.

The strongest brands know this. Look at Peloton, the exercise giant with cult-like status. The company realised from the start that they weren’t creating a tech product but a lifestyle one — and they built a community of loyal followers around the motto “together we go far.”

There’s never been a more important time to foster brand community. 

In 2018, nearly half of Americans felt lonely and isolated; that was before a global pandemic ushered in lock-downs and social distancing measures. 

Create a community that goes beyond selling — one that provides value and connection to your customers — and watch your business skyrocket. 

There are many ways to build a community around your brand, some more nuanced than others. Today I want to talk about one simple but effective strategy: Facebook groups marketing.

Why Facebook groups marketing matters for your business

Many businesses have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I get it. It’s frustrating to see organic reach down, and no one wants to pay to reach their audience. 

Enter Facebook groups marketing, a smarter way to reach and interact with customers

With Facebook groups, you build community and reap the benefits of the marketing platform — without the confines of the algorithm. (Facebook prioritises content from groups in which users frequently interact.)

Let’s look at a few ways a Facebook group can help you grow your business:

Get a direct line of communication with your customers

With intelligent Facebook groups marketing, you get real-time feedback from prospects and customers. Use social listening to monitor mentions of your products or ask for feedback directly. 

Facebook groups are also an excellent way to provide immediate support, gain valuable customer insights, and learn what matters most to your audience. Use this data to inform your product marketing and further elevate your offering.

Build relationships with helpful and exclusive content

Facebook groups marketing is about sharing valuable content with members — exclusive resources that build customer engagement, help buyers better use your product, and spur brand loyalty. 

Here are a few ideas for creative Facebook group content:

  • Q&As or interviews
  • Video tutorials or mini-courses
  • “Behind-the-scenes” tours
  • Exclusive announcements
  • Kick-start conversations with followers

If you want to spark engagement, create community, and turn one-off customers into loyal brand ambassadors, Facebook groups are the way to do it.

Distribute your content

Content marketing doesn't stop when you hit 'publish.' A winning digital content creation strategy includes a clear distribution plan.

Yes, your buyers are on a self-determined buying journey. But that doesn't necessarily mean they will stumble upon your content on their own. (At least not immediately; ranking first-page on Google doesn't happen overnight.)

Give your content a push — especially when you're just starting. Share your content on social media channels where your audience is spending time. Repurpose your content into email newsletters, SlideShares, or other media formats. Ask others in your network to share your content.

Facebook Groups Marketing: 7 Tips to grow your business and brand community

Get the most out of your Facebook groups marketing strategy with these top tips and Facebook groups promotion tools:

1. Establish clear Facebook group rules

This is probably the least sexy — but most necessary — part of Facebook groups marketing. 

Before diving into any Facebook groups promotional tools, you must create clear guidelines for interacting members. 

You can set 10 rules in the “moderate group” settings. Some examples might include:

  • No promotions or spam
  • No personal attacks or name-calling
  • The right to remove posts that hurt the group experience
  • The topics of posts/discussions permitted

Encourage high-quality conversations and keep trolls at bay by setting group standards from the start.

2. Qualify the right people with a questionnaire

I suggest keeping your group set to “private” to promote exclusivity. Plus, members will rest easy knowing their discussions are only visible to those inside the group. 

Include a brief questionnaire people must answer for admittance to the group. This is an easy way to stop bots and trolls, plus you’ll gain valuable insights on your followers, too. Keep it simple; just a few questions should do the trick.

3. Promote Facebook group discussions

Have you ever been to a dinner party that’s too silent? There’s no mingling or chatting, just the sound of cutlery clinking and guests clearing their throats? 

It’s awkward and uncomfortable for everyone — and not the vibe you want in your Facebook group. 

Instead, create a lively clubhouse where people want to hang out. Following a regular content calendar helps. You don’t have to post every day, but consistency pays big rewards. Encourage members to share content, stories, or questions, too. 

Need some Facebook groups marketing inspiration? 

Hop over to Instant Pot’s community Facebook group. The brand does a fantastic job encouraging members to share recipes and tips for using the device — and they get some 10,000 posts a month as a result.

4. Listen and respond to members

Half of consumers join Facebook groups so they can engage directly with brands. In other words, they want to hear from you! So, let them know you’re listening.

Delegate an Admin to respond to questions or reply to comments when appropriate. You don’t need to be in every conversation but don’t leave the room, either.

5. Keep your Facebook group content unique

There’s a good chance your Facebook group members follow you on other social media channels. Keep the content in your private group exclusive, so your community stays engaged and invested.

You can try out different content types to see what resonates with your members. For example, Facebook live might work well for some brands, while other businesses might get more action on user-generated content. 

6. Avoid direct selling to Facebook group members

When you build a community of loyal fans, you grow your business, too. 

Don’t focus on direct selling in your Facebook group. Instead, encourage conversations and interaction. 

If you’re running a sale or launching a new product, then let your followers know. Just ensure there’s a relevant why behind your promotional posts, and keep them few and far between.

7. Promote your Facebook group outside Facebook

Now that you’re ready to grow your community through Facebook groups marketing, don’t forget to let people know.

It is possible to find groups via Facebook groups lists. However, when you start, you’ll have more success by directly inviting customers and prospects to join. Plus, if you’re providing ongoing support and value to customers after their purchase via your Facebook group, your buyers will want to be a part.

Some smart Facebook groups promotion tools include your email list, other social media channels, and directly telling customers. 

Build a community around your brand, and you’ll win lifelong buyers and raving fans. You’ll also gain valuable customer insights to improve your offering and accelerate your business growth. 

Facebook groups marketing is just one way to build community to grow your business. If you’re ready to elevate your brand and better communicate to your buyer’s deepest needs and desires, then it’s time to call in the branding experts. Schedule a free consultation call to learn how we can help you create a world-class brand with a thriving community today.