In 2011, Marc Andreeson famously said: “Software is eating the world.” 

To elaborate his point, Andreeson used Amazon as an example:

The world’s largest bookseller, Amazon, is a software company — its core capability is its amazing software engine for selling virtually everything online, no retail stores necessary … Now even the books themselves are software.

Andreeson was right then — and he’s still right today.

As software continues to change the way we work, shop, and communicate, SaaS companies will see massive opportunities for growth. Plus, thanks to technological advances, the barrier to entry is lower — yet the customer base is larger (over 4 billion people use the internet!)

But more opportunity means more competition, too.

If you want to win in this cutthroat landscape, you must know how to market your SaaS company the right way. That means not only focusing on lead generation but also communicating the solution your software solves — and reducing customer churn, too. 

So, let’s discuss how to do exactly that. 

In this article, I’ll walk you through my seven proven tips for SaaS marketing success so you can accelerate your business growth today. Let’s get started. 

How to create a SaaS marketing strategy: 7 tips that work

SaaS marketing is unique in that your product isn’t tangible. You must clearly illustrate how your software solves your customer’s needs — to tell a story that matters. It starts by communicating value and selling solutions. These seven tips will help: 

1. Display pricing options

If you’re like most SaaS companies, you have a subscription-based model with various price points. So, make it easy for customers to understand the benefits of each pricing structure. 

A price page that gives customers a clear comparison of subscription options is a smart idea. Your buyer will know exactly what they’re getting, so they can quickly make a decision. Speak to the value of each package, and you’ll more easily upgrade customers to high-tier subscription options, too. 

2. Utilise SaaS content marketing

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing valuable, helpful, and engaging content to a specific audience to drive customer action.

If you want your target audience to understand the value of your product and how it can solve their pain points, content is the way. Plus, SaaS content marketing supports SEO and builds brand awareness.

SaaS content marketing is more than just blog posts. Video tutorials, podcasts, and free ebook downloads are other ways you can tell your brand story while speaking directly to your customer’s wants and needs.  

Now, there’s a reason why most successful SaaS companies use content marketing. For inspiration, take a look at Dropbox, Hubspot, Neil Patel, and Moz (to name a few.)

3. Use free trials

What’s a sure-fire way to generate quality SaaS leads? A free product trial. 

You already know your product is terrific. Let your target audience discover the value behind your software, too. With a free product trial, they’ll experience first-hand how your product solves their pain points and quickly transition from warm lead to raving fan. 

Pro tip: Don’t forget to offer onboarding support, so your users get the most out of their free trial!

Another SaaS marketing option to consider is the “freemium” model. As the name suggests, this means giving prospects limited access to your product for free. Customers who want to get the most out of your offering then pay for an upgraded subscription. 

Evernote is a classic example of a SaaS business utilising the freemium model. While you can use the note-taking software for free, you’ll have to pay if you want access to the best features. Evernote knows free users are qualified leads and market their upgraded subscription to users with great success. 

4. Make signing up easy

Studies show that contact forms with fewer fields result in more sign-ups and better conversion rates. 

So, make it as easy as possible to get your first “yes” from customers. That means no complicated sign-up forms with excessive information are required. 

Third-party authentication services like Google, Facebook, and Twitter further streamline the sign-up process and eliminate the need for email verification. 

Need to have more than a few fields in your form? Consider telling customers why they need to enter specific information. You’ll build trust as you

5. Get featured on SaaS review sites

High-quality review sites are an excellent way to leverage social proof. People trust reviews and product ratings. Plus, you want to show up where prospects are already searching. 

Now, your prospects will be comparing your product to other similar offerings, so ensure your benefits are clear and compelling. Encouraging customers to leave reviews is always a good idea. 

Trustpilot, G2 Crowd, and Gartner are three popular third-party review sites to try. 

6. Create a referral marketing strategy

A referral program is an essential pillar of any marketing strategy, especially when it comes to SaaS marketing.

92% of people trust recommendations from family and friends over any other form of marketing. 

Look at Dropbox. Their referral program increased its user base by nearly 4000% in only 15 months!

The key to a referral marketing program that works is to incentivise users to tell their friends about your offer. 

Make it obvious what customers will get when they refer friends. Ensure what you’re offering speaks to their motivations, and make the process as straightforward as possible.

7. Don’t forget about your customers once they subscribe

When it comes to SaaS marketing strategies, start-ups tend to prioritise lead generation. But you’ve worked hard to earn your buyer’s trust. So, get the most ROI by reducing customer churn. 

One effective way to keep subscribers engaged with your product month after month is to help your users get more value from your software. Content marketing is a great way to do precisely that. 

When creating your SaaS content marketing strategy, don’t forget to target every stage of your buyer’s journey — including after they make their initial purchase. 

The bottom line

Use these proven SaaS marketing strategies to grow your business and stand out in a fiercely competitive industry. Test and tweak everything. Communicate how your product solves customer’s needs, even if it’s an intangible object.

Or go back to doing what you do best — actually running your business.